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With an emphasis on protecting our customers and the environment, insuring fuel oil dealers correctly has become our top priority. Bagatta offers customized insurance packages for propane and fuel dealers that include general liability, property insurance, workers compensation, commercial auto, inland marine and umbrella insurance.

Our specialized packages include:

  • Failure to Supply: Our failure to supply coverage protects customers in the event of bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of a dealer’s failure or omission to keep their customer supplied with fuel oil or liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Misdelivery: Our misdelivery coverage will respond to property damage claims in the event of erroneous or wrongful delivery to an incorrect location or receptacle, or the delivery of the wrong fuel product to the wrong tank.
  • Pollution: Coverage is provided for pollution arising out of hostile fire, product misdelivery, or the discharge, dispersal, or release of liquid fuel products, soot or smoke at a customer’s premises.

Key Program Features: Propane & fuel dealers automatic fill endorsement, blanket waiver of subrogation, misdelivery of liquid products, propane and fuel dealers property extension, Specialized loss control available, limited pollution coverage included, misdelivery coverage, unloading and loading coverage.


  • Fuel oil dealers, distributors and transporters
  • Propane retailers and distributors
  • Bulk oil distributors
  • Full and self-service gasoline stations including convenience stores